Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Crafty's Thanksgiving Sale!

Although I rarely do this, I am a Craftsy affiliate, so I want to point out the big sale they will be having this weekend.  I have several favorite on-line fabric retailers.  What Craftsy has is fabulous sales--not the biggest selections but great sale prices!  Check it out!!!  I've never been disappointed. 

Shop Craftsy's Pre-Black Friday Sale!
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This week, Craftsy is hosting an amazing sale! Here are the details:

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I've already checked out the fabric!!!
Hugs and most of all have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!
As soon as I can, I have so much to show you!!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

If it Isn't Broke, Break it!!! {Make it Work for You}

I brought home a sample zip up jersey from work.  It had an embroidered patch on it, kind of curled and ugly, but there was nothing wrong with the jersey.  It was a freebie.

After some thought, I decided to cut out the ugly patch.  Now I had a hole.  With a iron and some samples of stabilizer, I very carefully patched the hole, front and back.  My focus was to maintain the shape of the fabric.

You can see the size of the hole and also the patch.  About 2 inches by 3 inches-- a little larger maybe.

I hooped a tearaway stabilizer, sprayed it with a very happy amount of temporary adhesive, then smoothed the jersey in place over the hoop.

Now I was ready to stitch.  That was the easy part.  Finding the right design.  Hard.

The design needed to be fairly dense to cover the patch entirely, and not to leave any kind of indentation where there was no fabric underneath.  I didn't want another "bulletproof" design, but I did want good coverage.

I found this red shoe design in my files.  I do love a good pair of red shoes, don't you??  It completely fit the bill.  I covered the fabric with a topper to keep the stitches  orderly, and off I went.  It worked out so well!  I will absolutely try this switch-out in the future, probably on thrift store finds.

And we are done!!!  A Christmas design would have been great here, also!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, if my posting lacks in the next week!!!

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Hugs, Debbie

Monday, November 17, 2014

Shards, a Quilting WIP

I appreciate all the advice given from my last post on Shards.  It is wonderful to be part of a quilting community!

I  auditioned  two different threads, one King Tut thread, 40 weight, in a beautiful variagated tan/neutral combination.  And the other, an aurifil, 50 weight.  While both threads were pretty, pretty great, really, I decided to go with the thinner aurifil that would not sit so much on top of the fabric.

Then to sewing!  The little straight-line sewing monster in me simply took off, and sewed line after line.  I didn't have to sew straight lines, I made SURE I didn't sew straight lines!

Stitching around the colored shards not only let them pop visually (thanks, Yvonne!), but they also popped in a tactile way.  Even though this is a small work, the quilting will take a little while.  I cannot imagine doing this over an entire quilt--and yet I know I'll try it at some point!

The stitching does let the marble print of the fabric show through, and the feel of the areas already stitched is fabulous!  So much texture!

A lot more left to do--will keep you posted!


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Shards {Not Quite a Finished Project}

It felt SO GOOD to sit down at the machine and work on a real bona fide project!  Shards is ready to quilt!

I plan to drop by my quilting shop tomorrow after work to pick up some new thread.  What I have in mind is dense, probably matchstick quilting.  Although I love what I have done here, it is plain.  Just plain!  I have done quite a bit of dense quilting, but never matchstick, and I think it might work!  

Colorwise, I'd like to find a  variegated  thread with all of these brights in it, but not too shiny bright!  I know that made sense.  If you would like to make any color suggestions on the thread, have at it!  

Shards, the wallhanging, should end up around 24 inches square.  It was quite difficult for me to make the individual blocks, as nothing was intuitive, nothing really worked together for me, and I felt that I was always thinking backwards!  Just as when I made my flying geese circle!  However, it wasn't as if I was making an entire quilt, and the exercise was good for me.

I also struggled with the decision of overall shape.  In the end, I decided to keep a square shape, mirroring the individual blocks, and I am very happy with that choice.  

This piece will be fun to quilt!  I have a lot of pressure to get going, as Christmas gifts are waiting!

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Tiny Finishes

Life keeps on happening to me!  I went an entire week without more than a few moments at my machine.  With some stolen moments, I managed to get some in-the-hoop work done, and turned out some tiny little gifty bags.

I love these bags for several reasons.  As I use pieces of fabric, the leftovers keep on shrinking in size, and eventually are just small squares (or less!).  One bag takes only 4 squares that measure 4.5 inches each in size.  They are fully lined, and the contrasting zippers all come from zipit, on Etsy.  

Each bag measures 3.5 inches long by 2.75 inches wide.  Perfect for holding a USB drive, lipstick, possibly a pacifier  (note the blue bears!).  

A little bit of Tula

At any rate, these are just fun to make, provide instant gratification, and seem to be well received!

I am also reviving Shards, as a wall hanging.  I had to push it aside for a little, but kept thinking about it, and then got excited when the idea of matchstick quilting came to me.  I need to think that through a little more, but it is very appealing so far!

Not the best picture of poor Shards.  It will get better!

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Anniversary of An Anniversary {I Think}

It's been only a little more than a year now since I bought an embroidery machine, simply because I wanted to embroider something for my daughter's wedding.  I usually take things to the limit when it could be quite simple, lol.  Like letting someone embroider a few tabletop pieces for me instead of buying a machine so I could do it myself!

The tabletop pieces turned out quite well, and when the wedding was over I knew right away they could be combined into an anniversary quilt for my daughter and her husband  I had used Kona gray to match the wedding d├ęcor and branched out from there.

One year later, (no really), I have a finished quilt.

The only embroidery I did on the toppers was to place initials in the corners.  If I did it over again today, I would do it differently, I'm sure.  I cut the initials out and combined them into nine patch and log cabin squares. The center block was embroidered with the couple's last name.

Today I gave the quilt to my daughter and her husband, and they were thrilled with it.  I had to laugh because she liked the back almost as well as the front.  I take a lot of time when I piece the back just to keep it interesting!  

This particular quilt was so much fun.  Very simple, the colors were enjoyable and bright, and Natalie and Zack love it!

I really have to get serious about Christmas gifts now!

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Good Day to Hang a Quilt!

About a year ago I celebrated my new embroidery machine by making a nine-patch quilt that included embroidered squares.  I never properly displayed my quilt, and thought it was time.

All of the nine-patches were made with stash fabrics, my favorites!  The bugs, well, I have used the bug patterns over and over now, and still love them!

The quilt fills the space in my small foyer perfectly.  Isn't it nice to use your skills to surround yourself and your loved ones with lovely warmth?

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