Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Anniversary of An Anniversary {I Think}

It's been only a little more than a year now since I bought an embroidery machine, simply because I wanted to embroider something for my daughter's wedding.  I usually take things to the limit when it could be quite simple, lol.  Like letting someone embroider a few tabletop pieces for me instead of buying a machine so I could do it myself!

The tabletop pieces turned out quite well, and when the wedding was over I knew right away they could be combined into an anniversary quilt for my daughter and her husband  I had used Kona gray to match the wedding d├ęcor and branched out from there.

One year later, (no really), I have a finished quilt.

The only embroidery I did on the toppers was to place initials in the corners.  If I did it over again today, I would do it differently, I'm sure.  I cut the initials out and combined them into nine patch and log cabin squares. The center block was embroidered with the couple's last name.

Today I gave the quilt to my daughter and her husband, and they were thrilled with it.  I had to laugh because she liked the back almost as well as the front.  I take a lot of time when I piece the back just to keep it interesting!  

This particular quilt was so much fun.  Very simple, the colors were enjoyable and bright, and Natalie and Zack love it!

I really have to get serious about Christmas gifts now!

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Good Day to Hang a Quilt!

About a year ago I celebrated my new embroidery machine by making a nine-patch quilt that included embroidered squares.  I never properly displayed my quilt, and thought it was time.

All of the nine-patches were made with stash fabrics, my favorites!  The bugs, well, I have used the bug patterns over and over now, and still love them!

The quilt fills the space in my small foyer perfectly.  Isn't it nice to use your skills to surround yourself and your loved ones with lovely warmth?

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Finish it Friday and Kudos to My Bee Buds!

I am thrilled to have a finished project, and more thrilled that it is the September bee quilt from the New Bloggers Group Quilt Bee!  

I decided on a darker green for the border, and used the leftover black/gray strips from my Botanics jelly roll to bind the quilt.  Everything worked.  

Kudos to the bees in our group:  Pam, Lin, Kat, Jill, Stephanie, Christina, Cheryl, and Afton.

My hubby was staring at the quilt and I could see his gears turning.  He asked if we could present the quilt to the head of the chaplaincy department at our local medical center.  Hubby is a volunteer chaplain, and Donna, who is the head, works day and night to lead the volunteers and handle the crisis cases at the hospital.  She is an inspiration!  Since he has never asked for a quilt before, I knew he was very serious.  

A good finish for a wonderful person!

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Being Queen Bee!

Now that September is officially over, I am piecing together the blocks I received from the bee I'm in.  Watching all the blocks arrive, each one different, was so much fun.  At first I just had to wonder how I would ever end up with a cohesive quilt top from so many different blocks!

I asked for simple Churn Dash blocks
I still do not have a design wall (working on that) so the pieces went onto the design {floor} as soon as each package came in the mail.  I matched each block where it looked best to me, moving them only if something else arrived and demanded a switch.

Everything stayed in place for awhile so I could ponder the sashing decision.  Sashing!  How to use something besides a solid (boring) but avoid clashing with so many prints.  I finally pulled out a jelly roll I'd been saving for a long time.  Carolyn Friedlander Botanics.   I used the more calm stripes and soft patterns for most of the sashing and then pops of colors for corner squares.

Yes, a row is missing!  It's been another long week, but I wanted to see what would happen if I pressed on a little.  Hopefully there will be more to show in a day or two.  Or three.

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Hugs to all,

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

It's Finished! Wrap it up!

This evening after work I had the opportunity to run both of my machines at once.  The purr of my embroidery machine along with the noise of my Beast, finishing up my scrappy quilting pillow, was wonderful!

First the pillow:  after finishing the dense straightline quilting, I used my embroidery machine to quilting a design in the center squares.  The AMH backing was perfect.  It only took a few moments to insert a zipper and stitch the edges.  The pillow measures about 19.5 inches square.  

I found some incredible, large letters to embroider on just about anything, so I am making some bags with a single letter as gifts.

The print fabric is the lining.  These bags will be fun, and I have So Many fat quarters to use!  Am trying to decide on how to finish the top right now.  


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Monday, October 6, 2014

A Weekend WIP!

Mary, an employee at my local quilt shop, looked at my scrappy squares and mentioned a cushion cover.  Turns out the idea was excellent and so I started quilting the top.  

Actually, I first had to stare at the pillow top for awhile to decide how I wanted to quilt it, but my very favorite dense 1/4" lines won out.  

Of course, nothing ever goes as smoothly as it should.

Yes, the Beast is again behaving badly.  My beautifully turned corners have skipped stitches.  The Juki technician blames the skipped corner stitches on the fact that when one lifts the presser foot with the needle down to turn the fabric, thread tension is released.  Which I am thinking means HE does not want to blame the beast.  

He advised me to barely lift the foot, then try sliding my fabric into the next position.  Like, fool the beast into thinking I am not really trying to turn my fabric.  I am sorry but that does not sound like a technical answer to me.  Additionally, I enjoy turning the fabric this way and that way before starting to sew in a new direction. 

All beast troubles and bad advice aside, I love the cushion cover, and how it is shaping up.  Dense quilting gives the top such a nice quality, and I have one of my fabulous AMH prints all ready for the backing.

Monday is a volunteer day at the South Carolina State Pre-Fair so I don't expect to sew.  Working the pre-fair is very cool, however, and I must say even trumps quilting--gasp!

Looking forward to beast-wrangling later in the week.


Friday, October 3, 2014

Finishes--What a way to end the week!!

I am pleased to announce a true finish--the Delightfully non-scarey bat wallhanging.  

It was a pleasure to make and so much fun to look at!  I was very interested in one of the directions in the tutorial, here.  And I quote from Elizabeth's tutorial:

"3. Use the 60° marking on your 6" x 24" ruler to create a straight edge along one side of the right-leaning strip set."

On MY 6" x 24" ruler.  Elizabeth must use HER 6" x 24" ruler so much that she thinks we all have one like it.  My ruler is actually 3.5" by 24".  I probably need one that is 6" by 24".  I may go to Joann's tomorrow and buy one.

I think my point is that we all have tools that we use over and over and feel that we must have them to do a good job.  I really do use my 3.5 ruler all the time.  What do you have in your sewing room that does the most work for you?  I'd love to know, as, again, I am heading to the store tomorrow, lol.

Honestly, we are probably all on budgets; however, good sewing tools make so much difference in our work and in the pleasure of creating, don't you think?

I also finished some bee blocks to send to Kate at threadeverywhere!  

One thing I love about our circle is the chance to make blocks that are new to me!  The blocks are in the mail, Kate!

And I may even be in time to link up to Finish it up Friday at Crazy Mom quilts!